We are your Plus+ for the production of confectionery-based promotional items

We have been developing personalised confectionery-based promotional items at our in-house production facilities in Herbolzheim and Müllheim for more than 35 years.

Besides our large standard range, we can also design fruit gums, chocolates, peppermints, sweets and much more according to individual customer needs.

Through permanent product development, we are continuously presenting you with innovative new products in many shapes, colours and tastes under constant monitoring – fast, flexible and always fresh.

Besides our high-quality in-house productions, we can also offer you the most exclusive brand items, such as Ahoi Brause, Carstens Lübeck, Dextro Energy, Doppelkuss, Ferrero, Frigeo, Griesson, Hanuta, Kalfany, Katjes, Ritter Sport, Kuchenmeister, Lambertz, Lindt, Lorenz, Manner, mentos, Prinzen, Pulmoll, Salzburger Schokolade, Soletti, Sylter Brisen-Klömbjes, Tabasco, Teekanne, Tic Tac, kinder, Oreo, My M&M‘s and many more and guarantee your success with your advertising using first-rate confectionery brand products.

Through brand synergies, you can communicate quality, trust and even a positive image for your company with our promotional items. Quality you can taste – Made in Germany.

Have we also whetted your interest in brand advertising of the sweetest kind?

Then talk to us - our professional service team would be delighted to hear from you!