Whether square or round, brightly coloured, striped or plain, sweet or sour, fruity or more herbal - sweets are popular snacks for in between meals. They are small and can be used flexibly and are therefore particularly suitable as a promotional gift. Sweets not only delight children, but also get adults in high spirits. As a promotional item, sweets also convey a positive message: anyone who chooses sweets as a promotional product is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on their customers!

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Sweets with a logo - sweet customer loyalty

Be they square or round, colourful, striped or solid, sweet or sour, fruity or herb-flavoured – sweets are popular snacks for in-between. They are small and versatile, making them particularly suitable as a giveaway. Sweets not only delight children; they cheer up adults too. As a promotional item, sweets also convey a positive message: Whoever chooses sweets as an advertising medium is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on their customers!

Sweets - the promotional item for every taste

Not only can sweets be designed as a promotional item in a variety of shapes and colours but can also be individually adapted in terms of taste and customer impact. Peppermint candies, for example, leave a fresh taste, provide renewed energy and keep you going. When sweets containing chocolate are used as promotional items, the sweet, cocoa-based delicacies create a feeling of happiness and seduce the senses. Colourful fruit sweets make the mood cheerful, herbal sweets have an invigorating effect and soothe the throat. An individual statement can be behind each type of sweet: The promotional item refreshes, invigorates, calms, surprises or simply makes you happy.

Sweets with a logo or message - your design will impress

Be it fruit sweets in advertising wrapping, speciality sweets in flow packs or fresh drops in mini bags – every product has its own fans. Depending on which customers you want to address, you can opt for a more classic or funky product and design. It's up to you to design your own personalised sweets according to your wishes.  If you have decided on your advertising sweets, you can order printing from us.


Personalise sweets to your taste

Not only do we print your personalised sweets with your own logo or message, but you can also choose your own flavour. We would be happy to tell you about our wide range of promotional items: Our products include sweets in a variety of types and shapes, in different flavours, and with plenty of wrapper designs. We are happy to advise you and make you an individual offer. The appeal of these delicious advertising materials will impress you and your customers!