1.      How can I find the item I am looking for?

You can use the navigation choice Products to browse through various categories and search for products. You can also use the search function above the navigation to find your desired promotional item. You can also use filters to limit your search within the different categories.

2.      How can I order products from the catalogue?

All of the items listed on the website are also available in our Süße Werbung catalogue under the same article numbers. All of these items can be ordered through our customer service. To do so, simply submit your request using the contact form directly through the item or using the inquiry basket.

3.      Can I print my logo/my message/my image on products?

Yes, all of the items listed on this website can be personalised using a variety of printing processes. Our customer service/pre-press staff members will be happy to help in creating your design. Further information on printing and design is available in points 4 + 5.

4.      How can I send in my print data?

We provide a data information sheet and stand drawings (eps or pdf file) of your desired item on the website or via e-mail. We ask you to develop your design based on these files. You are also welcome to send us images, logos and texts, which we can combine to create a print image according to the information you provide. We complete the first correction free of charge. Each additional correction will incur data processing costs. Please also observe our guidelines for delivering images & texts. We accept data deliveries via email, through our ftp server, and on a data storage media (DVD/CD).

5.      How should I prepare my print data?

The images used in your data (colour and grayscale) must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi (in CMYK). Bitmaps at least 1200 dpi – however, a vector file is useful for bitmaps. Embedded images cannot be processed, so please include the original image files. The minimum font size which will still be legible is 6 pt for positive prints and 8 pt for negative prints. Please convert all fonts into vector paths. If this is not possible, then we will require your original fonts. Please note that relevant parts of your design should not be placed directly at the edge of the format, in order to ensure your advertisement appears correctly.

Adapting data that does not fulfil the above properties will result in additional costs.

6.      How can I place an order with you?

You can place an order with us in various ways. You can contact our customer service by telephone, e-mail, fax or mail.

7.      Can I request samples from you?

Of course, you can obtain samples of our Süße Werbung items. To do so, simply use the “contact form” to tell us which samples you would like of your favourite items. You can also contact us by telephone or e-mail at any time to tell us which samples you would like.

8.      What are the delivery times for different items?

Production times for all orders processed via our customer service are stated under “Item information” in the item details. The standard delivery time is added to the production time indicated. The standard delivery time is based on the recipient's address, and may differ depending on the shipping service provider. An expected delivery date will be listed on your order confirmation. You are also welcome to indicate your requested delivery date to us. We will review this request internally and take it into consideration with respect to our production times.
Can products be shipped abroad?
Of course, we also offer you the ability to ship your order directly to an address abroad (except for online orders). We will only charge you the actual expenses ex works, including any customs and handling costs incurred.

9.  What are your shipping costs?

For orders placed through our customer service, we will list shipping costs as a separate order item in our offer or in the order, depending on the size & weight of the items.

10.  Is it possible to order an amount below the minimum quantity?

Contact us. In special cases, we can allow orders smaller than the minimum quantity indicated for the item, and will charge a reduced quantity fee.

11.  Is it possible to exchange ordered products?

For all custom-designed orders, the digital preview (proof sheet) that you approve for printing is binding. Customised items and all corporate orders are not exchangeable.

12.  Can I submit a complaint regarding customised items?

Of course, you can submit a complaint regarding our products if they do not meet your standards (printing, processing, and confectionery). We will clarify each individual complaint in relation to the reason it was submitted. Please contact our customer service to find the best solution for you. Read more in our General Terms and Conditions.

13.  Can my delivery be sent to another address?

When you order items via our customer service, you can enter any shipping address you like. This may differ from your billing address.

14.  Which bag sizes and filling quantities are recommended?

Our bags and stand-up pouches are available in many different sizes, printed and filled according to your requests. Filling quantities refer to the standard fruit gum shape 1 premium bear. Filling quantities may vary according to the chosen fruit gum shape. Please contact us. We are looking forward to explain your options and to send you a detailed quotation!


15.  How does an identical printing look like on different tin colours?


According to the motif, it is advisable to print the motif on a white background. This white layer will be charged as an additional colour.

16. How does an identical printing look like on different colours of the peppermint card?


According to the motif, it is advisable to print the motif on a white background. This white layer will be charged as an additional colour.

17. What does an identical printed image look like with or without a white background on shiny or matt-coated films?

According to the motif, it is advisable to print the motif on a white background. This white layer will be charged as an additional colour.